Many people find themselves in crisis when they have to give a gift to a recently born child . We think a lot and try to combine both the joy of the little one and practicality for the mother. If you are looking for some suggestions, in the next few lines you can find some valuable tips.

Diaper cake

Let’s be clear: when a child arrives in the family, you are faced with so many new expenses. Among these, diapers are undoubtedly among the most expensive. To meet new parents, a beautiful gift is the diaper cake . 

Simple but welcome, this gift can be personalized by adding bows and other decorations to match the colors of the baby’s room. If you want to make it even more special, a useful tip is to add the silhouette of a cartoon character.

  1. T. shirt customized

Today as today, talking about welcome gifts means calling into question personalized gifts. The customization trend concerns many aspects of everyday life, including clothing. In the case of newborns you can have so much fun! Between good and other ironic phrases there is really the embarrassment of the choice. 

Once you’ve decided on the theme, all you have to do is find an online store that prints personalized t-shirts . The advantage of these e-shops also concerns the possibility of customizing not only t-shirts, but also sweatshirts and polo shirts (of all sizes, even the smallest ones). Moreover, it is possible to have, included in the price, a professional graphic studio, so as to make the shirt aesthetically perfect.


When it comes to personalized gifts for newborns , it is impossible not to call in the towels. The towels are a great classic of the kit for the little boy who has just arrived. To customize them nothing is better than turning to those who love to embroider.

In these cases, just open the social media and look for a craftsman who takes care of this. For some years now, also thanks to the web, the passion for sewing has come back into vogue and has allowed many people to purchase unique items with very elegant decorations.